Gender In The Taming Of The Shrew

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Ever wonder about the gender roles, taking place in William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew? Well, in Taming of the Shrew, the gender roles displayed affect the female characters in a rather undesirable way. When they surface in the play, it’s rather remarkably shocking for a woman like me. The behavior of these men and women will astound you.This essay will discuss how gender roles affect the characters in the negative way they are perceived. It will also discuss how they are surfaced in the play. Quotes will also be used to show examples of how and who is affected in this play.

In this play, the men appear to have a particular idea of how all women should behave. This behavior includes being quiet and obeying the man. This quote was found to perfectly prove the point of this essay. “But in the other's silence do I see/ Maid's mild behavior and sobriety./ Peace, Tranio!” (I.i.3). In modern English, Tranio is discussing why he believes that all men find Bianca attractive. It is because of her modest, mild behavior, compared to that of her sister. For example, she only speaks when she is spoken to. Also,her obedience to her father is similar to that of Labradors to their master’s commands. Thus, making Tranio believe he could
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These three examples not only show how women were oppressed but that they also have idealized images and expectations to live up too. Moreover, Kate ended up being the only woman who would obey her husband. The only reason she did, however, was so she wouldn’t suffer any more of his mistreatment. The Widow and Bianca, however, believed the expectations they should follow were stupid. This is why they refused to listen to their spouses in the bet. Bianca and The Widow felt that women should not feel the need to oppress their thoughts or themselves because it would make them an “ideal woman. Now, if the roles were reversed, how would the men have dealt with

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