Gender Roles In Westernized Culture

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Throughout bygone times, America has been unquestionably famous for its traditional line of westernized culture. For centuries, westernized culture has brought upon the segregation of sexes, along with the views and beliefs that each sex has a specific role to play in society. A prime example would be women. Women in the early nineteenth century did not carry as many rights as men did. Women’s roles were to take care of the kids and the house, while the men did all the tough work in the labor force. In the eye of society, women were expected to carry and present themselves in a conservative manner, especially if they were wed. Another example would be gender roles. Gender roles through the centuries has had the same form of ideals of specific…show more content…
On the other hand, westernized culture has become antiquated in modern American society. Given to American society undergoing ceaseless refurbishment and metamorphosis, ways of captivating the public’s attention through mass media and retailing, has taken a colossal turn by giving things like, ads and endorsements a bigger meaning through subliminal messages. Most of these subliminal messages contain the sexualization women, and the gender role of men. Within modern subliminal messages, mythology has been a very popular encoded tool that has been used as an informative to direct society into a processed way of thinking. This processed way of thinking has led to viewers to being influenced into wanting, needing, or even being one of these things that are being seen or sold. Subliminal messages in the retail industry, tend to play on what the consumer wants and or should get, because of the illusion of it being a popular product. An example of an ad that is trying to sell a product by using subliminal messages would be the men’s Axe body…show more content…
On the other hand, the verbal resonance of this ad brings to question many things. One questioning manhood and how that associates friendship. Manhood for centuries has been viewed and associated with rough expression. An example would be the false statement that men do not cry, real men get dirty. Although being something more metaphorical when using rough as an example of a description of manhood, the term manhood consists more of masculinity and dignity, as opposed to being a friend, which carries the association of a soft bond, giving reason to the second statement, which says, “STOP BEING A FRIEND AND START BEING A
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