Gender Inequalities In China

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What are some communist countries that have gender inequality? Of course, communist countries should be the country where everyone is equal and fair, so there should not be any things like inequality. However, there are some communist countries with inequality, and China is one of the communist country that has gender inequality. In fact, gender inequalities in China enslave Chinese women, because they are biased for a men. Reason why it is history, because the worst gender inequalities were existed long time ago. Most of them start from Han Dynasty, and it end up after Mao Ze-dong’s activities of destroy all of old things. This activities were well known as the Cultural Revolution. However, gender inequalities were big aspect of traditions of China. Even though Chinese people destroyed most of old things during the Cultural Revolution, but basic idea of gender inequalities still left in people’s mind. The basic ideas of gender inequalities are come from unfair gender stereotypes, and it can not be easily eliminated or destroyed. Since, most of them make sense in most of the situations like a girl is weaker than a male. Those unfair gender stereotypes can left in people’s mind, and can make gender inequalities like before. Therefore, both gender inequalities and unfair stereotypes should be disappear in China, because it “enslaved” Chinese women in variety of form. Gender inequalities make Chinese people to treat women as men’s possessions unethically. Since, in old days
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