Gender Inequality: A Speech On Gender And Gender Equality

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Ladies and gentleman, today I’m going to talk about gender inequality. You must listen to me carefully, we are one of the members of our home - Earth. We need to make our home better! You all know there only exist two sexes. In Chinese, if you want to write both boys and girls together, you need to use word they with Chinese character of “he”. Don’t you think this is a kind of gender inequality, do you? Gender inequality refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender. Is it religion that has caused us to treat men and women differently or does it come from the days when physical strength was much more important for daily life than it is now? First of all, female need to undertake many duties, not only the work, but also cooking, taking care with children and so on. I believe many of your guys sitting here are females. Don’t you feel you are treated unequal by others? Many people think that those things are women’s duty, but not men’s. Even some people said that men have the work stress and they just need to make money for their family. But, female also need to work, and they have the same stress as men have. For example, in my family, my mom is in charge of taking care of me, cooking…… Let me talk about a real example happened on myself. My father is working for the family. Once, when he came back home, my mom asked him to cook, however he thought that is my mom’s duty. It was wrong with my father that always ask my mother to do those

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