Gender Inequality And Gender Gap Analysis

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According to the statistics provided by the Eurostat (EU statistical center), in 2015, women 's gross hourly earnings were on average 16.3 % below those of men in the European Union, which means that men have more well-paid and high position jobs in the labor market. However, females are equally compatible for high position jobs among side with men, because they have corresponding physical, intellectual potentials and can contribute to their families while succeeding in their professional career. Many people disagree with this point of view, stating that women should not have leading positions and high-income jobs. This is why gender inequality and gender pay gaps are issues in the 21st century, which cause many problems.
First of all, many people think that women do not some intellectual characteristics and skills like men, which makes them less fitting to powerful jobs. They believe that women may be hardworking, but men have more developed skills and abilities required for top-ranked jobs, such as effective and critical thinking abilities, creativity, public speaking and leadership skills. I totally disagree with this attitude, as I am sure that there is not an intellectual capacity difference between genders. As an illustration, wherever I have studied, in middle school, in high school or in a university I have not noticed any special intellectual advantage that males have over females. Of course there have been different stages of intellect between different students

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