Kate Millet Sexual Politics Analysis

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It is really disappointing that gender inequality still exists in this modern world. It is one of the fundamental duties to provide equality to men and women in a society. There is no denying the fact that women play a significant role in many areas of development.
The two articles that will be analyzed are due to their choice Comprehensive assessment of the concept of gender equality. It depicts how sex industry helps builds business empire and sexual politics in 1970,fourty years ago Kate Millett's Sexual Politics was published in the UNITED STATES. That book had an explosive effect on feminist politics at that time. The book earned all media attention and fetched the ideas of the emerging American feminist movement into the male stream
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There are even many other feminists. Those who talk contemptuously about her work, as well as find the need to bury it, are often passionate work on Male Theorists without Proof Feminist insight, but like Milette, he also wrote for decades before. Sex politics should be considered as the most important aspect The Important ancestors and origins of the second wave of feminism Many ideas are taken for granted at least By radical feminists. Even those who do not agree with this book Content should be able to recognize its meaning. it will If sexual politics information becomes the cause of celebration obsolete that means there is It is a positive change in sexual…show more content…
Peak times are approaching events such as Grand Prix racing, which is heavily marketed to companies as an event for a business network and gaining publicity.
The new glass ceiling, Australian women lag behind American, Canadian and UK women to have position in higher authority.Below 10% of women were in line executive positions, and line experience isneeded for top corporate positions because of harassment by male workers.
I agree with author’s opinion that the impact of the normalization of prostitution on an equal footing Opportunities for women in business and professions challenge the argument that prostitution is like any other business.Also through the sex industry men are able to strengthen their dominance in business and careers,sports and politics. Women are not in a position to use sex Industry places to connect with colleagues, entertain customers and be launching products. They are not easy to provide women to customers with bribes. Equal opportunities Business and professional women use prostitution here not only is the way impossible, but because it is not desirable .Then they will complicate other women's
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