Gender Inequality Between Men And Women

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Gender injustice is the unequal division of rights and duties between men and women. It is caused by the expectation of how one should behave based on one 's gender role. For example, men are physically stronger, thus are better equipped for survival which makes them seem more capable as leader of the family. Women, in contrast, are perceived to be more emotional and caring as they bear children thus their natural role seems to be the caregiver at home. This example is a primary reason of how stereotypical roles began. Such roles have negatively affected society’s progress, which is the improvement of livelihood for its people for a happier, more fulfilling family-work life balance. These gender roles manifest itself in society in a variety of ways, leading to favortism of males over females, unequal distribution of responsibilities at home, unfair treatment at work and gender-based violence. Many nations are patriarchal. This form of gender discrimination causes major imbalances in terms of demography, which ultimately results in social problems that hinders social progress. A good example is China. Their belief in Confucianism has resulted in favortism of males offspring as only sons can continue the family line. China’s one child policy has lead to female infanticide and 30 million more men than women at a marriageable age. Due to lack of women and the small chance of having a spouse, men begin to indulge in alcohol, drugs and gambling to

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