Gender Inequality: Equality And Equality In The World

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Since the beginning of the life on the earth women and men were not considered as equals which as a¬¬ result constructed this social system of gender inequality. This is now a crucial issue and urgent challenge for both men and women to break the barriers and move forward to give the equality work effectively in any part of the world. Gender inequality can be seen in any area of life in different countries. The most prominent inequality is seen in economic spheres where women are confined to act like men and be free to be developed in the professional spheres. BUT, Gender equality problem should not hinder women to move forward and advance in the professional spheres. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights “All human beings…show more content…
According to those convictions women are defined as a weaker sex and consequently are not able to do work which contains physical strength. They believe that women, for instance, cannot work at the constructing companies as labors and deal with heavy metals, bricks and other materials or fabricate cement, roof the building. That is why women are not physically able to do the same as men. There is another multitude of culturally oriented people who think that every normal nation should have its traditional rules. To be more moral family all members of the family should follow some rules. Some of those widely accepted traditional rules state that while men working and earning money for the family, women should not work and must stay at home, bring up children, do housekeeping and, of course, obey their husbands. This is considered to be the perfect traditional family with perfect…show more content…
Likewise we use technology in the areas where strong physical strength is needed. Some of them are construction, heavy industry and so on. Even the smallest work is done with some machinery and not with the physical strength of men. Thus, fabricating cement, lifting up bricks and doing other things should not obstruct women working in construction and other such heavy fields. Another problem that women face is about their cultural matter. Women should not be confined with nation’s mentality and cultural stereotypes. Of course, we should all follow cultural traditions in some way as it is part of us and our nation. However, we live in a modern world where cultural interference does not have essential place and does not prevent us from doing things that comfortable for us and for our living. Thus, all should often break the cultural stereotypes and try to move with the current world needs to construct their lives they want and prosper it. So woman should not be under pressure of the traditions and should aim for higher professional achievements not considering that it is not honorable for

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