Gender Inequality

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I believe that gender inequality is one of the most serious topics that is taken under consideration in this modern day society. According to Wikipedia the definition of gender inequality is the unequal way society is treating each other based on their gender (1). Men and women face gender inequality every single day, but most are in the shadows of how badly this affects both genders and not just women. Each country faces many different variations of gender inequality from social expectations to domestic abuse. Some cases may be more recognized compared to others but that does not mean it is not just as important, but it is just not as publicized. One of the most popular topics related to the fight for women’s rights is based on the unfair difference in wages between men and women. Despite having two laws against the gender based wage discrimination in the US which prohibits men and women from getting paid differently and yet there are still some people who are paid based on their gender. According to statistics the difference in pay between both genders for full time jobs are10%, and the pay gap for part jobs are 34%. Based on a website known as UK Feminista, many people work in a national minimum wage job, 70% of those are women (2). Working disadvantages towards women significantly affects many lives all over the world, especially women and children. An online article published on states that out of the women whom retired in 2013 one fourth of them do

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