Education In Developing Countries

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“130 million girls are out of school worldwide today.” (Malala Fund). Most of them are expected to never learn how to read or write in their lifetime. Education gives girls power. Power to create a better future for themselves along with everyone else. “If all girls received 12-year education then low and middle-income countries could add $92 billion per year to their economies.” (Malala Fund). Education empowers girls, so they can build a life for themselves by getting a good job and not having to rely on others or live in harsh poverty for their entire life. Developing countries most often lack opportunity for girls to attend school. Even when school buildings are present, boys are favored to receive an education rather than the girls in…show more content…
There are multiple causes of this issue and fixing this is a complicated process where many factors must be considered. Out of all the developing countries in the world Pakistan has one of the largest gender gaps and is making very little to no progress. Two-thirds of Pakistan’s out of school children are girls ( Pakistan is failing their children and especially the girls. In Afghanistan, Pakistan’s neighboring South Asia country, education rates are also among the lowest in the world. Both of these countries are Islamic Republics. The Taliban controls Afghanistan and controlled most of Pakistan until 2001 when the United States government drove them out. The beliefs of the Taliban are a major reason as to why girls do not have the opportunity to receive an education in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They do not believe that girls should be in any position of authority by having power and knowledge is power. Girls are forced out of schools if they try to attend. This conflict along with war, child marriage, poverty and poor health are reasons why girls education is such a complicated issue. It takes a lot of diverse work to help these girls. Aid must be directed to the correct places in order for girls to be able to get to school. Production of school buildings is a very small part of addressing this social issue. There are many barriers keeping girls from school in Pakistan and…show more content…
Education empowers every person that receives it. Having a successful life is very difficult for those who are illiterate. “A child born to a literate mother is 50% more likely to survive past age 5.” (CARE). Women lacking an education have a much harder time raising children. Low education rates are a cause of child mortality. Education is so vital to mothers and if the mother is educated it is twice as likely that the child will be put in school (CARE). When girls are able to go to school safely they can create a brighter future for themselves and for everyone around them. Education lifts people out of poverty and promotes economic growth. “It is an investment in economic growth, a healthier workforce, lasting peace and the future of our planet” (Malala Fund). Educated women have greater opportunity to get a good job which helps boost economies. Also, they will be healthier because they are educated and know how to take better care of themselves as well as being more likely to receive aid because of their educated status. Women who are illiterate are considered the lowest status in developing countries. They have no authority and do not receive they help they may need because of this social status. In a lot of cultures in developing countries boys are seen as more valuable which helps them receive an education. Especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the gender gap of boys and girls in school is outrageous. Pakistan has
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