Sexism In Mall Management Essay

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Imagine walking into a mall with your family in which you and your mom were only allowed to shop from stores in the basement while your dad and brother are allowed to shop from any store they like. This decision is taken against you just because are a female. A scenario not too far from this one is experienced by us daily. Just like the mall management was sexist towards your family, the administration and staff of this school have always taken actions that are to our dissatisfaction. As female students of ATIS, we all get the bad end of the stick. We are always seen as inadequate. I have spent 12 years of my life in this school and never have I encountered this level of sexism and inequality elsewhere. Today, I am going to talk about gender…show more content…
Why is it okay for a boy to come down to the girls floor without a note, in a teachers opinion, yet a girl gets told off even if she goes to the boys floor with a permission slip. How is it fair that teachers find it okay to be more strict in terms of grading girls assessments just because they’re girls and re supposed to do better than boys. Aren’t boys and girl in the same grade level supposed to have the same in intellectual capabilities? Teachers are hand in hand with the administration when it comes to oppressing female students and allowing them to suffer. The mental effects of categorizing us girls will eventually take its toll on our tolerance and cooperation.
A study conducted by Psychologists revealed that students that attend segregated schools are more likely to accept gender stereotypes. We are not stereotypes. We are power. We are strength. We are determination.
We have successfully explored today the methods of discrimination that our school and its staff members use against us female students. The learning environment we are surrounded by hs not proven itself successful and takes its toll on us. The teachers are also taking part in this silent crusade launched against us. Due to the conditions that we encounter as students, we are also suffering from psychological and mental tensions.
A study conducted by Psychologists revealed that students that attend segregated
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