Gender Inequality In America

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America has advanced socially in regards to sexual equality since the birth of the nation. There have been many advances in society, especially for women, despite these advancements, there continues to be inequalities in sexual “equality” .Why does a wage difference exists between men and women? Are employers being sexist? Sexism has been a problem since the beginning of mankind. Women have struggled to achieve equality with men. The male dominated culture has led the female gender to become the “weaker sex”. This discrimination, of course, based on the stereotype that women should stay at home playing the role of the typical housewife. It wasn’t even until the 19th Amendment passed in 1919 that allowed women to vote. Even sex discrimination…show more content…
Women have household duties to obey. Although they are male cooks and such the women are often the one cleaning the house and cooking the family meals. This takes away from her working time, enabling her to be able to commit to a full time job. The average female does unpaid household work for 26.7 hours per week and actual paid Work for 21 hours per week. Compared to the 15.9 hours per week for unpaid household work and 31.4 per week for paid work a male work (Krantz-kent, 2009).This makes sense because whoever works more at a paying job is the person who will get paid more. This is also sexist because the women do not have to be the central housekeeper. Cleaning the house and feeding the kids is not a job that has to be done by women. What all this data presumes is that women with children are the ones who want the flexibility to work remotely or at odd hours (Miller, 2014).This is reasonable since the women is often the one in the house. If they were an equal amount of time that they spent at home the wage gap won't be see's to exist. In a married couple it often makes the most economic sense for the parent with the lower salary to be the one to take time off, and if a woman’s wage barely covers the extremely high costs of childcare it do not make economic sense for her to keep working. But taking time away from work lowers wages in the long run and helps some…show more content…
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