Gender Wage Gap In China

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1. Introduction In 2015, China's economic growth rate slowed down, but the per capita disposable income of the whole country increased by 7.4% in real terms, and the GDP grew by 6.9% in the same period. At the same time, in the distribution of income aspect, there are still many problems and challenges, which is mainly shown on the proportion of household income in the national income distribution, big income gap between industries and income gap is even larger between different group of workers. The Report on China's population and labour (2016) notes that China's gender wage gap is widening. According to the Survey on the status of women in China, the average female wage in China's urban employment in 1990 was about 77.5 percent of male wages,…show more content…
The status of Chinese women in the workplace The communist party has attempted to liberate the workforce, they promoting women work and equality between men and women. In the last decade, the government proposed the goal of building a “Harmonious Society”, following with a series of social security system projects and various welfare programs. Those policies have greatly contributed to the reduction of social inequality. According to The Economist (2011), in 2010, Chinese women labour- force participation rate is almost 70%, which is the first in the world. Women not only in China but also all over the world have made huge progress in the workplace. On the other side, it should take a note that women cluster in occupations and industries pay lower salaries overall than men in China, which is based on a fact that women are less likely than men to reach higher-level positions. In ancient Chinese society, the traditional Confucianism regard women as lowly and weak belongings of man, even in modern China, such beliefs still affect Chinese society. For example, women naturally take on more responsibility for house care. This pattern means that men get a better shot at a pay rise or a promotion than their female colleagues and are less likely to be in jobs for which they are overqualified. Female as their children's primary carers couldn't pay more attention to their career development, which probably causes that the disparity of different gender's distribution in occupations…show more content…
And more autonomy perhaps has mixed effects on gender wage gap (Brainerd, 2000). For example, in Ukraine and Russia, female/male wage ratio decreased due to the widening of the wage distribution but there is an improved performance in eastern countries to reduced discrimination with the fact that women were better educated with higher education return (Brainerd, 2000). In Gustafsson and Li's report, the gender earnings gap in China is increased under labour market reforms, by using the Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition, they find that education is the most important factor of the increase in the explained differential. However, the significant increase in the average wage gap is due to differences in coefficients, which may be due to increased income discrimination for
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