Gender Inequality In Criminal Justice Essay

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Multicultural Issues In CJ Final Project:
Gender Inequality In The Criminal Justice System Everyone knows about the women's rights movement that took place between 1848 and 1920. But anyone that is not naive knows that men and women are still not seen as equal in today’s society. So if society still does not see women as being eye to eye to men, how does our criminal justice system view the genders? The one place that it is suppose to be colorblind to race and non-biased to sex has been treating men and women unequally for years and will continue with this injustice until called out. One may ask, why such a accusation would be made, but facts and statistics show the prejudices and inequality in law enforcement. The requirements for women to enter the
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Until recently, law enforcement was a man’s field. Now that it is a unisex role, more women are joining the field yet are still being treated unfairly. Sadly women in the law enforcement field are subject to sexual harassment and discrimination. Law Enforcement Publications and Conferences reveal “studies (that) have shown that women in policing are less likely to use excessive and deadly force. They are also less likely than their male coworkers to be involved in fights or acts of aggression on the job.”. Due to this conclusion, the past society still sees women as the weaker sex. Scientifically, to an extent, this is correct due to the composition of the different body structures. It is well known that to become a police officer one must go through a series of tests that include a physical exam. What is less known is that men and women have to reach different requirements. Less pushups, less pull-ups, and shorter mile time is expected for women. These lowered standards are pushing back women equality and setting a low bar that influences much of
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