Gender Inequality In Developing Countries Essay

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Developed and undeveloped countries
It is a bit contradictory to believe that we are in 21st century living in developed countries where we are full of privileges and we keep having loads of inequalities between women and men. Independently if they are developed countries or undeveloped countries they should act to empower women and take some series of actions to reduce gender inequalities.
In developed countries, we could say that the situation of equality has improved and women are supposed to have same opportunities as men, and have equal rights. Laws has been rectified to make this possible. Article 157 Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) prohibits as much as direct and indirect discrimination based on sex in the field of pay, it is stipulating that “each member state must ensure equal pay for men and women applied so that the work is of equal value”. Direct sex discrimination often happens because women are often paid less than men for doing the same job, and
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Women would have the same chance that men to achieve well paid jobs, but at the same time, like now is happening, there will be cases of micromachismo. Micromachismo is an act that goes unnoticed but, it reflects at the same time male chauvinist attitudes and inequalities of women compared to men, for example when we go to public places, and we go to their bathrooms, the most common thing is to see how the baby’s section is incorporated to women section, this stills happening because people still thinking that men are better than women instead of treating them equally, and that there are certain things that a women can not do such as drinking an alcoholic drink or contributing at work, because they do think that women does not have an opinion with the same authority as

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