Gender Inequality In Global Business

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Global Business Discuss the impact of globalization on equality. In this fast moving world, globalization has brought us a significant change in terms of product development, communication, technologies, and investment opportunities. If we look back to 50 years before, we would be able to notice the massive changes that took place and here we are today being quipped with the advancement of the technology exclusively. Globalization allows people from various places around the world to stay connected without having to travel a distance to meet the person and even purchase or sell a product from where they are. Globalization as a whole is the inclination toward grander economic, political, cultural and technological interdependence among national…show more content…
In many developing countries, gender gaps are still one of the greatest challenges when it comes to education and employment where women do not get equal opportunities compared to the men as mentioned by Abwalaba Nancy Owano (2011, p. 44). Although the world had moved to an advanced state, inequality still exists when it comes to education and employment for the women. Women are also not given the same prospect like men as women are believed to be brought up to be a mother and is responsible to look after the children at home ( Gender Inequality as It Exists Today, 2010). On the other hand, men are thought to be the dominant one who ventures out into the society to look for jobs while their wives who have to listen to them ended up becoming a housewife where her tasks revolves only within their home. In fact, when women are out to source for work, they would not have the chance to climb up the corporate ladder at the same pace as the other gender which in this context refers to the male even if they are doing well. Adding on to that, the society mindset had also made the separation of job scope between the two genders to be more obvious. This is where the male and female have a certain job that is meant for their own gender. For an example, the males are closely tied to jobs like firefighter, policeman and other…show more content…
According to Hofstede Framework, PDI is the extent to which less powerful members accept that power is distributed unequally. Countries like Israel practices low PDI where the employees will question their superior while countries like Malaysia practices high PDI where employees obey the command of their superior (Wild, 2014). Although globalization has taken place so rapidly, inequality still happens when it comes to power distance. In a working environment, there is still inequality where not everyone is allowed to question their superior or in fact, to join them in any decision-making. High PDI exists where the managers or superiors orders their subordinate to carry out the task given without any questions because of the relative position in the hierarchy of authority (Education Portal, n.d). Furthermore, some of the subordinate who has brilliant ideas that can be shared or voiced out to their superior are forced to remain silent due to the high PDI. The subordinate would not have an equal chance to decide on a company most of the time because the superior or the bosses will make the decision for them and they have no choice but to obey them. However, countries that practices low PDI will have subordinate that question every decision made by the superior. The low PDI practices would also help the company to have a two- way decision making
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