Gender Inequality In He Named Me Malala

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He Named Me Malala was an amazing movie because it gave powerful insight to prevalent issues of gender inequality, Islamism, and cultural relativism. Before watching this film, I had briefly heard of Malala and her story. However, hearing it through the media was nowhere near as influential as hearing it from Malala and her family. Overall, the movie had several strengths such as the intriguing animation in between scenes and the emotional connection combined with educational information. Gender inequality is the main issue that Malala wanted to change. The Taliban didn’t want girls in Pakistan to go to school. Malala was angered by this because education was very important to her. She believed that all children should have the right…show more content…
It was difficult to adjust to the new school she attended and the environment in general. Most of the girls wear short uniform skirts, while Malala has to wear a longer skirt because of her religion. Malala knows people in England are judging her but she continued to embrace the new culture she lives in by studying vocabulary and reading books. She was used to being the smartest girl when she lived in Swat Valley, but now that’s different. Most of the students at her school are intelligent and the curriculum is more rigorous. Therefore, Malala has to work extra hard to stand out and fit into this new culture. This movie was very inspirational because it shows the importance of speaking up to bring about change. Malala and her dad are both peaceful activists. Violence and fear is not the way to truly solve issues despite what the Taliban believes. Now that I know a young girl my age can be brave enough to stand up for what she believes in even though she knows the fatal consequences, motivates me to fight for what I believe in. I recommend He Named Me Malala to anyone who is lacking confidence, needs inspiration, or just wants to hear an incredible

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