Talcott Parsons Sociology

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It is rightly said that Health is the first of life and wealth serves as the next of life .The meaning of Health varies from person to person rather than being absolute. According to WHO (1946) Health is defined as a complete state of physical, mental and social well being and is not just the absence of disease or frailty. It is an essential right of every individual to attain a complete pleasurable standard of health without the distinction of race, rituals, political beliefs or the socioeconomic state of affairs. Talcott Parsons was the one who introduced a functionalist approach to society of health and illness In the early 1950’s, when merely a few sociologists paid thought of this idea, he started working on this concept of
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The health and social gradient of an individual depends on the origin of the person and is more important in comparison to the eradication of the disease. The social determinants influence majority causes of the disease and impose effects on the employment of an individual which results in retirement. Higher social status individuals possess all the facilities to avail higher medical treatment and have no monitory issues for any drawback in terms of health. Conversely the individuals belonging to low status suffer from health issues as they cannot avail these facilities. Health should be the main priority instead of the grading phenomenon. Equal health opportunities should be given to each and every individual and discrepancy should not be practiced in terms of health leaving a person with compromised…show more content…
The legislative body (1991) asked the IOM to appraise the degree of ethnic and racial inequality in the health care considering the elements assuring the social status and their capability to afford the care, recognizing the resources of theses discrepancies and propose the recommendation strategies. The IOM committee fulfilled this demand and reviewed approximately hundred studies that help in the evaluation of quality health care services for different minority groups. Some of the studies that employ that more precise research plans perusing patient’s perspective while using the clinical data extracted from patients visual aid. In addition to it, a vast number of published research studies conclude that minorities receive fewer services than the white, counting the clinical measures. In common this study reveals
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