Gender Inequality In India

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1) Is gender equality important
Survey has given a clear cut answer that gender equality is very important and this cannot be overlooked. 2) Treatment of women
YES- 16
Data analyzed that women are still treated very badly. And this attitude needs to be changed for the improvement of country and women. Women are required to be treated equally in each and every aspect of life.

3) Government’s effort to eradicate inequality
YES- 28
NO- 22
There are mixed reviews for the government’s to eradicate poverty. Some people see government’s policies useful in reducing gender gap whereas others see them as a waste of money and time.

4) Effectiveness of government’s policy
YES- 10
NO- 40
Effectiveness of government’s policy is not seen yet according to 80% of the people other 20%finds policies of government effective. It senses that policies are somewhere weak or not implemented properly. The effect of policies has not reached to the ones who require it.

5) As per survey, the sector with gender inequality
MOST- social 90%
LEAST- economical 0%
Economical sector has not seen even a single negative, which shows us the change of attitude of people towards getting equal, but the results in the social sector are quite alarming. The constitution of India has defined us equal but still some people deny it. There is a lot of improvement is required in this sector to judge us all equal. And political sector is overlooked by social sector as the results of political sector are

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