Gender Inequality In Labor Force Essay

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Gender Inequality in Labor Force Through the history, almost in every country around the world men have tended to participate more in labor force than women. However, as decades passed, the female participation in labor force has been increased (Esteban Ortiz-Ospina and Sandra Tzvetkova, 2017). According to World Development Report 2012, female participation in labor force has increase from 50.2 to 51.8 during the period of 1980-2008.
World Bank, 2016 Despite of the fact that female participation in the labor force has increased, the challanges they confront in the workplaces have not been eliminated completely (Michael M. Kasumovic, Jeffrey H. Kuznekoff, 2015) One of those challanges women have been encountering in their lives is inequality in workplaces. Obviously, the human beings are assigned their roles from the beginning of birth by dressing boys with blue clothes while dressing girls with pink clothes. The
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Obviously, men. According to Catalyst Research, female confront with the “glass ceiling” problem – which keep women at the bottom and bring barriers to reach to the top.Additionally, promotions are rarely given to female workers ( DONALD TOMASKOVIC-DEVEY, 2001). One of the recent case about gender segregation in the workplace has discuseed in the court. Eight women applied to the court in order to suit against Publix Super Markets. The female workers of one of the stores of this incorporation were denied to promition because the male supervisor told workers “women were not able of holding supervisory positions”. Those women were not denied based on their abilities or their skills, they were denied because of gender streotypes. (Kimmel, 2011) Thus, these kind of traditional streotypes prevent women to become supervisor or manager, and reach to the
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