Gender Inequality In Our Society

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Gender equality is when both females and males have equal opportunities and the ability and power to shape their own lives. Unfortunately, in our society we are socialized as soon as we are born (Anderson, 13). Our parents start dressing us a certain way in accordance with our sex. The social norms established within our culture essentially tell us that men and women must behave in a certain way. Men are socialized into being dominant, aggressive, and unemotional. To be masculine one must reject everything feminine (Newson, 2015). Women must be passive, nurturing, submissive, and emotional. Gender roles are constantly imposed onto us until they feel normative. Sadly, women are taught that they must rely on men because they are too weak to be independent. This creates gender inequality which can be described as unequal power relations, which leads to discrimination based on gender. Gender inequality has made it possible for gender-based violence to exist and persist. Thus, concluding that our society…show more content…
It also should be noted that this type of violence can affect anyone regardless of economic status, religion, culture, and sexuality (Gender-based Violence: Introduction, 2017). For instance, gender-based violence can occur within an abusive relationship. Domestic violence is used to control the other partner within the relationship. One partner can exert power by imposing fear by threatening to hurt the other partner or possible children, continuous insults, acts possessive towards the partner, as well as sexual pressures. We see that there is a power inequality that is being experienced within abusive relationships. Specific examples of how one can exert power over their partner is by: preventing her from seeing her family as well as friends, limiting the amount of money in which she can access, and preventing her from receiving the right medication (Is someone you know being abused in a relationship,

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