Gender Inequality In Papua New Guinea

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GENDER INEQUALITY IN NATION BUILDING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PARTICIPATION IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA There are many social issues that are undeniable major indicators for Papua New Guinea (PNG) to answer the question as to why there is a slow in progress and effective development of its economy. These are unequal distribution of resources, corruption, nepotism and political instability and gender inequality to name a few in which they are directly or indirectly hindering the effective nation building processes and more organised social functioning. However, this piece will explain and target factors, facts, effects and some personal solutions more specifically in relation to gender inequality in nation building and community development participations of men and women in Papua New Guinea prior to economic, political and social perspectives. The National Goals and Directive Principles (NGDP) of PNG has had the high regard for integral human development and gender equality and participation, however, the number of women’s participation in the nation building and community development processes is still very small compared to men’s and this signifies gender inequality, whereas has been a major concern that Papua New Guinea’s government and Non-Government Organizations (NGO) like the churches and other corporate and non-corporate bodies are trying to diagnose it. The government of PNG had through the NGDP declared its first goal for every individual to be free and actively involve

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