Gender Disparity Among Women Essay

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It is defined as “the oldest professions in the world”, with an overall world population of 42 million people working as prostitutes. Of these a shocking eighty percent of women work “in the field” compared to only 20 percent of men. This highlights the huge gender disparity between the two sexes. Why is this?
Approximately 65%-85% of prostitutes work for a “pimp” to whom she still has to pay a substantial amount of money. Prostitution is usually organised by local pimps, mainly men. These men make a substantial amount of money from those they control. Pimps take most of the earnings from prostitutes, leaving them with little to support themselves. The majority of female prostitutes will face a mixture of physical abuse and psychological control,
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“What rape is to others; it is normal to us,” a female prostitute explained. Women working in the industry are placed in an inferior situation to their male clients and are treated as “objects for sexual pleasure”. The male dominance over women is shown here, where men control what they will do where this is likened to rape where the rapists have total control and power although there is a “superficial” consent.
It is reported that “80% of prostitutes are raped” although it could be higher as not all prostitutes express what has happened to them. “55% of prostitutes have been physically abused by customers”. Prostitution will only flourish if there is a huge demand of men wanting it.
People who advocate for the legalisation of prostitution are not the actual prostitutes themselves but the pimps who profit from this. Once prostitution becomes a legitimate business then pimps can disguise unlawful sex acts as legal and women will continue to face stigma and abuse. By legalizing prostitution, there would be a growth in demand which will promote sex trafficking, which is rising. Where prostitution is legal, the sex industry tends to be bigger which will need an increase of female prostitutes, this attracts traffickers who can exploit women for economic gain. The Dutch government had to shut 2/3 of its legal brothels as it could not regulate traffickers or other
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