Gender Inequality In Saudi Arabia

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Gender equality has been a key issue in development and become a conversation in the world. In the past, gender equality has been a concern for reasons of human rights, but I show how it is a concern of women’s rights and emphasized it in Saudi Arabia In order to show that Saudi Arabia using the Sharia Law which is the main reason causing this gender inequality towards women. The objective of this paper was to discuss gender inequality in Saudi Arabia and its relation to women’s rights. This paper aims at analyzing gender inequality issues existing in Saudi Arabia. Which kinds of gender inequalities found in the state, and how gender inequalities are reflected in the state. Despite the scarcity of recent information regarding gender inequality…show more content…
From the lisf of the country that didn’t use the women’s rights well, one of them is Saudi Arabia. Gender roles in saudi arabia is really strict in spite of the fact that this country is one of the advanced country and have the biggest oil source in the world. The caused of the women’s rights are limited and causing gender inequality is because of the Sharia Law that they enforce in Saudi Arabia. Sharia Law or Islamic Law is based on the Quran and Hadits which is become the footstool by the people in Saudi Arabia the majority are Moeslims. The law is mostly unwritten, leaving judges with significant discretionary power which they usually exercise in favor of tribal customs. According to the Encyclopedia of Human Rights, two "key" conservative Islamic "concepts" that curtail women 's rights in Saudi…show more content…
this rights somehow are supported by law, local costums and behavior, whereas in others they may be ignored or suppressed. Women’s rights has been enforced since the ancient culture. For instance, in Nigerian Aka since several centuries ago they may hunt, even on their own and often control distribution of resources. Along the lines of Cleopatra, the queen of ancient Egypt had controlled and ruled her kingdom until now in the modern movements there are many organizations that support the women’s right for gender equality. Unfortunately, the rights in Saudi Arabia are very strict

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