The Importance Of Gender Equality In Schools

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Why is that, in many cultures of which we have any knowledge, women are considered to be a sort of lower being, a creature human enough, but not quite so human as the male; certainly not as wise, nor as intelligent; and lacking in most of the capacities and abilities with which the male is so plentifully endowed?
How has it come about that women have occupied a position of subjection to men in almost all of the cultures? Mankind is about a million years old. So is womankind.

Gender inequality refers to imbalanced treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their sex. It results from the social perception of gender roles as well as biologically through chromosomes, brain structure, and hormonal differences. Gender systems
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He have a daughter, when his daughter was born he used to bath, feed and take care of his daughter, but his father told him to stop because what he is doing because it is nontraditional. He also told him that it is only a mother, who is entitled to do all these duties. (Carl, 2012)

At a very young age children who are still at pre-school they are taught gender roles, and learn about gender stereotypes. Each every year on Mother’s day, teachers at schools tell children to design cards for their mothers or give them flowers. On the father’s day they tell them to do something way different for their fathers, by doing this they are teaching the children about gender differences and how a girl or a boy should identify oneself. Also the way girls and boys are treated creates gender stereotypes. Carl cites the theorist Chafetz as arguing that ‘’doing gender’’ does not only reproduce gender difference but it also reproduces gender inequality.
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Although women today have a voice and are heard there are still a number of inequalities and imbalances still present in the workplace. “We all expect to be judged on our merits at work—to be recognized for our accomplishments and our unique talents, insights, and efforts. But does that actually happen?” (Harvard 2013:86) The problem I believe we face today is that gender places an enormous role within the working environment. Women seem to be judged more for their gender than their abilities. I will be addressing the imbalances, psychological and emotional outcomes of this social

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