Gender Inequality In Society

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Thomas Jefferson had said, “all men are created equal.” In fact, equality seems would never be established among human nature. There are many factors contributing to inequality, including gender, social class, race, and so on. Even in a developed country like the United States, because of the diversity of the American population, American society still view people through a "lens of gender" and a "lens of class". Although the current society is still unequal, the discrimination of several reasons can be seen everywhere, because each person has a unique perspective, but it has improved a lot compared with the old society. The ideal equality cannot be achieved, but if people continued to progress, and it is these efforts change the society little by little, make the world a better place. The patriarchal society has long been the biggest obstacle to the advancement of women and the status of society. For a long time, in most of the countries in the world, men always play a significant role in the society until the 20th century. In America, women and especially African American women were treated unfairly by the white men. Nowadays, “about four-in-ten employed women say they have experienced some form of gender discrimination at work” (Gramlich). Men still gain the best benefits in most of the jobs, and women for most of the time lose in the competition for jobs with men because of the reason of gender and even for the same job, women’s salary is often not as high as men’s.
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