Social Inequality

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Inequality is viewed by the society in various forms. The issue of social class has been significant in the discussion of the analysis of sexuality in the public space across different societies around the world. The rise and the crisis that has been associated with neoliberalism, also has been blamed for the growth in inequalities. These inequalities have impacted the shape of sexual definitions and relations in significant ways. Women have been seen to emerge as very successful players in the global economy. However, it is essential to note that their rise to authority and wealth has been seen to depend on the exclusion of the poor, the working class, the migrants, as well as, women of color. This paper will focus on the question of…show more content…
The two areas are believed to impact the internal boundaries of society. The Egyptian society is separated into segments on the basis of social class and sexuality. Social class has played a key role in shaping the dynamics on the internal boundaries of the society. Research has indicated that the inequality that had been associated with institutional sexism has reduced for the case of upper social classes (Chomsky, 2002:173). However, it is fundamental to note that social exclusion of other segments of society has increased. This is because of a growth in precocity and inequality in the current society. The stated dynamics should serve as a wakeup call for players to act on the link between social class and sexuality. The issue of social class has impacted experiences of people and has been seen to influence the opportunities and abilities of people, as well as, on their development of sexual…show more content…
This is mainly because of the crisis that faced Marxism, as well as, the theoretical concerns that were raised concerning reductive analysis of class. The dominance of members of various social classes and those of various sexual orientations has obscured the inequality that is present because of the differences in class and specific ontology. A focus on social class and its connection to sexuality ensure that the issues of sexual and gender dynamics in a global society are taken into account. Analysis of class not only reveals the existing inequality but also, the distinction and dissent between and in the social categories (Chomsky,

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