Gender Inequality In The Modern World

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The events of the 21st century convincingly demonstrated that the issue of gender is organically intertwined in the overall political, economic and socio-cultural context of modernity. Representatives of the scientific community noted that at present the security sphere is expanding, and now emerged about such types of it as cultural, intellectual, criminological, demographic and genetic. Gender norms and stereotypes limit the opportunities for both women and men in many ways. Much of gender inequality has historically placed women at a disadvantage, and after the overall appreciation of transgender representatives, the appearance of gender norms in the world is turning more inappropriate. Existing gender norms are violating the rights of any
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On the one hand, this is due to the current state of gender balance at the global, national and regional levels. On the other hand, the strengthening of radical movements, predominantly women 's movements, the activation of gender minorities, as well as those groups that use feminist slogans to shock public opinion. Gender inequality hinders development, which occurs in the following negative consequences: welfare and management costs are rising, labor productivity is falling, and economic growth is slowing. Gender studies were also included in the orbit of political controversy. However, gender stereotypes continue to drive the society, and the globalization process only aggravates the situation. Even relatively recently, the scientific understanding of the problems of security and violence was in fact monopolized by strategic research, which was the backbone of international relations as an academic discipline. Strategic research, generally based on the principles of political realism, was focused on the study of states as carriers of military force, and on the mutual relations between them in the military and diplomatic

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