How Does Gender Inequality Affect Women

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Sociology Name Institutional Affiliation Date Gender Inequality in the Public Sphere and its Impact on Women in the Private Sphere Gender inequality is common in Australia and the affected individuals are mostly women. Women have tried to overcome institutional, social and cultural barriers for them to acquire equal rights and privileges in the workplace. The task for them has not been easy. Before the 1940s, women faced a lack of acceptance in the public sector in anything that they had to offer. Moreover, women engaged in low paying jobs. It is at the onset of World War II that women took higher positions. It was a replacement of the positions left by men. The number of women in the workforce has increased year after year with some traditional beliefs regarding women gradually changing. However, the issue of gender inequality is still evident in some places. Thus, the paper will discuss ways gender inequality in the public sphere has an impact on women’s lives in the private sphere. There are several ways women in Australia are discriminated based on gender. This affects them negatively. Women sometimes face unfair treatment in the workplace (O'Brien, 2008). Women are more likely to get part-time jobs rather than full time…show more content…
Women with disabilities do not get fair treatment such as access to good accommodation, appropriate advice and health workers who respond to specific needs of women. The maternity leave by women working in organizations may not be paid which may be a burden for some women. Men on the other hand may get their paternal leave paid for. This discrimination against women in the access of healthcare services impacts on the private sphere in that the women face challenges in maintaining effective health to their families at home (Mandel, 2011). They may face hurdles in trying to get their children to good a hospital which is a

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