Gender Equality And Gender Inequality

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Gender inequality is evident and apparent in every social setting and has been a global issue for as long as we can remember and it continues to be a problem. From the instant we are born, gender expectations and responsibilities are taught and enforced upon us by our families, friends or society. The environment and society we live in are structured around ideas and notions that determine how social interactions should be carried out. We are always reminded about the differences between men and women rather than the similarities and expect that these differences are kept alive through out the generations. Gender equality is generally the equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities between men and women. However it is important to keep in mind that by attempting to…show more content…
There are numerous institutions throughout our lives that assist in socializing us and therefore exert its influence on individuals and will guide our behaviors according to whether we are make or female. This therefore creates gender stereotypes and gender inequality stems from gender stereotypes. They are generalizations that are sometimes incorrect, about the individual’s behavior and abilities based on their gender. Gender stereotypes influence society and are negative to the lives of both male and female. They limit their aspirations, potential and choices. Women are expected to raise children, cook and clean while men are expected to provide for the family. This causes people to undermine and ignore their unique traits and capabilities and therefore conform to cultural ideas of feminine and

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