Gender Inequality Between Women

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the research essay will illustrate how inequality between gender is society especially women. This research paper is included a three short story “The Skylight Room” by O.Henry, “Hills like white Elephant” by Ernest Hemingway, and “Stone Mattress” by Margaret Atwood. These three story will give out different idea about men dominated women, responsibility in pregnant and unbalanced opportunities between gender. Nearly all women had experienced an inequality in some either ways and almost women had suffered from it. In conclusion of gender inequality is a key for a better society. However there is lots of problem needed to be solved due to gender inequality

The illustrate of a gender inequality connected to literary text
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It is a story that shows how men think they are dominant toward women. The story took place in the train station with two characters Jigg (the girl) and unknown name for men. They were in a middle of discussion that the women have to choose between following the man’s persuasion or terminate their relationship. The topic generally focuses on the man’s desire that he wanted Jigg to have abortion. It was obviously show that the man did not love her and did not serious about this relationship, while Jigg, the women, clearly wanted love from the man, keep the baby, and marry him. Referred to this quotes “But if I do it, then it will be nice again if I say things are like white elephants, and you’ll like it?” from Hills Like White Elephant she wanted the keep her baby as well as to heal their broken relationship. Besides, she did not think abortion is a good thing to do, she knows that it is a sin. However the man still resisted having abortion. It was a quite hard decision for her. At the end, the writer did not show the solution that Jigg going to make, the writer rather prefer the reader to think that if Jigg decided to have an abortion they both were going to the train but if not Jigg would be leave here at the train station alone. Also, the reason why the author did not mention the man name is because he was trying to say that the man did not take any responsibility while the girl take all of the responsibility, referring to Slade (1982) “ten women and four men experienced the abortion as a form of responsibility simultaneously with having feelings of guilt. Of these the majority, seven women and two men, expressed simultaneous relief and/or release “. Only a few men actually care about women
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