Gender Inequality In The Workforce: A Human Resource Management Quandary

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There are many aspects to gender inequality in the workplace, but for the purpose of my research, the sources analyzed will focus mainly on the challenges women face and how that relates to the wage gap. The sources are all diverse and use several methods of portraying the data found, which allows for a wide range of information to encompass the background of gender inequality in the workplace, positive strives women have made, areas that still need to be worked on, and even how the common business-person can incorporate different policies to improve gender equality in their male-dominated work environment. By having different opinions and methods of writing on the same subjects, the research is becoming more well-rounded and will be beneficial…show more content…
After stating the positive advancements women have made, the essay then addresses the wage gap and how gender stereotypes can cause women to be drawn to certain careers that make less money. It is in interesting to read about the different jobs that men and women are gravitating towards, and how society might be shaping us that way as children. The statistics make it clear that women make up almost all of the jobs in fields such as teaching, nursing, secretaries, and social workers while men make up majority of the corporate leaders, engineers, construction workers, and financial managers. This information is relevant because it shows that the occupations women are going towards are more flexible in hours, but earn less money than the occupations filled majorly by men. This source offers similar information on the wage gap, but by focusing on gender stereotypes and norms it will bring in different aspects to the final research…show more content…
The author of the essay “Women in the Workforce: An in Depth Analysis of Gender Roles and Compensation Inequity in the Modern Workplace” Rebecca Ziman has a fundamental assertion that women have made progress in education, yet are still facing many obstacles which in turn prevents them from being in a leadership position for a large company. The essay begins by providing readers with background information on gender inequality in the workplace, and then addresses the gender biases that women in our modern business world face. While the author is focused mainly on gender inequality in regards of the business world, the data found through the research is valid in many other fields. The author goes in detail about how equal opportunity workplaces are beneficial to both the employees and the business itself. This scholarly essay is more of a qualitative assessment on the issue of gender equality in the workplace and maintains a high level of credibility which will be beneficial as I compose the final research

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