Gender Inequality In The Workplace Essay

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As each day we keep progressing to become better people in our respective societies by trying to give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed, we unfortunately still fall short in some areas which require our attention. This issue is addressed in the article, “An Analyses and Solution Proposals Toward Social Gender Equality Problems in Business Life at Work Place in Turkey,” written by Ayse Kocabacak and Cumali Kalkan, who conducted a study about the gender discrimination and inequalities that most women face today in the workplace or throughout their career. Likewise, some of these inequalities are perceived as sexual harassment, earning a lower wage than their counterpart, or being dismissed from their occupation. While this…show more content…
The reason why the organization culture is perceived in this manner is due to having specific “characteristics as aggressiveness, competitiveness, success orientation and independence that refer to men,” while women are the complete opposite and not making them suitable to do well in the business life (Kocabacak and Kalkan 670). Additionally, this study was able to show that a correlation exists between gender and mobbing which females are more likely to be affected than men, leading to gender discrimination in the workplace. Thus, to comeback some of these issues, it is recommended to address gender inequality in the workplace, so that companies are able to build a strong alliance with the females in their unit division, making it so that everyone contributes to organizational success. Not only that, but it is highly recommended that gender equality starts at the highest level in a corporation to set an example for all the lower divisions (executives, managers, and employees). One last step that should be taken into account is giving females an opportunity to do the jobs that men are currently doing in the workforce, seeing they may do a better job than their counterpart in some areas, which could enhance the company

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