Gender Inequality In The Workplace

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According to the human development report , 1997 , It stated that "No society treats its women as well as its men". The issues of equality in the workplace and affirmative action have been hovering over the working world 's head for many years now. This problem is considered one of the most problems affecting the society , due to its penetration in many fields. Equality should be achievied , not only because it 's fair and it 's the right thing , but also because equality is vitally important to the productions of nations. So It cannot be denied that gender inequality in workplaces is the most negatively effective on women , because at workplaces , employees should be treated on how they work not either they 're men or women. Despite the huge advances women have made , workplaces don 't recognize that women are equally qualified for the same jobs as men. The government and the society should work on providing fairness to the employees from both gender at workplaces. Gender inequality at workplaces is as any other problem in which there 're people for it and others against , the people with gender inequality sees that women are not able to do work as men , they don 't recognize how women may be qualified as men or even more. The other ones , who are with gender equality , sees the problem from another side. They deal with the word gender as it 's just a type that doesn 't affect qualifications or charactaristics. Others are against inequality due to their appreciation
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