Gender Inequality In The Workplace

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Gender Inequality
Some say that men and women are seen equal in everything such as in the workplace, education and at home and that women do anything men do. However, it is believed with a huge percentage of people that there is “Gender inequality”; as community favors men just because it is thought that women are incapable of doing big tasks and stuff that men handle, therefore they should only focus on children and mother’s stuff as they say. The assumption that there is inequality between men and women has made a position for women in her community that comes between her and her partner. A lot of improvements have been made for some changes to be made to ensure women’s right in the society. With women getting education, power of women must turn to be the center of the society and the concerns about gender inequality, so efforts must be made to get rid of gender inequality (RANJITH, 2013). So movements should be made to obtain equality in political, cultural, educational and social rights and balanced opportunities for women.
One of the main aspects that is noticed in gender inequality is social aspect; Inequalities between men and women occur in workplace, education and social life. First, we will discuss inequality in employment and workplace; women are less expected and wanted than men to partake in the work market. In 2010, 65% of ladies were in the work force contrasted with 79% of men which is still a gap that clearly says “Inequality”. The wage gap between both

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