Gender Inequality In The World

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GENDER DISCRIMINATION Since the beginning of time, men have always been considered that they are stronger than women in all way.In a perfect World, men and women would be equal in all matters. However, we do not live perfect world, and men and women are not equal in any way. From the past to today, being men is always have advantages in Turkey. Especially the east part of Turkey it is important that being a man because of the customs. In addition, during the Ottoman Empire, women have been played an active role in important political matters.(Gamm,2012) In today 's world, although women have a lot of rights, women and men are not equal disappointingly. In this paper, I will examine that what are the situations that women are not equal to the men. Firstly, I will mention about the women in politics. Secondly, I will mention the educational inequality and lastly, I will talk about inequality in a workplace. The first matter that I want to mention about inequality in politics. All countries in the world including Turkey, have a political culture. When we turn on the television, read the newspaper or surfing on the internet, it is hard to see women in politics. Over the last years, women are less active in professional life because of their gender. Even the women get rights into a male dominated World, they are still advancements to make it better. In some countries, women still have not earned the right

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