Gender Inequality In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Life is overfilled with messages, like weeds in a sea in unmaintained grass. Whether it’s warning a person, or pointing out a flaw; these little lessons are there to further grow the positive parts of that person’s personality. A simple demonstration of this is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. An old, children’s book serving no meaningingful purpose is what it may seem, nevertheless, it actually is a novel that offers a unique outtake on all aspects of human life. In the book, two children Jem and Scout, who learn about equality, racism, and social class through court cases, tea parties and more. The story offers many ideals, whether to improve upon something that is exist, or throw a new concept into the the air with various techniques, …show more content…

One example is gender inequality. A demonstration of this is when Scout describes a dress as a prison. She says “I felt the starched walls of a pink cotton penitentiary(Lee 138). The comparison of a dress to a prison refers to gender inequality. A prison could be defined as limiting, and though the dress itself is not forbidding Scout to do as she pleases, it still keeps her in confinement. The dress represents femininity, and that time being a woman excluded them from certain activities solely that were only capable by men. Thus, the reason why Scout wears overalls; she can do more than she ever could in a dress. Jem and Dill understand this and use to this to bully Scout into doing things she wasn’t comfortable with doing. Even with this, they didn’t bother to understand Scout’s point of view, furthermore if they had, some of the mishaps that occured could have possibly been …show more content…

From the invention of a new courage, to a dress defining inequality, to criticizing humans for the lack of understanding others perspective, Lee usage of metaphors dig deeper into the roots of human logic. Humans tend to have a habit of forgetting or dismissing the little things learnt. The more observation and more effort put into attempting to remember and applying throughout daily life, the larger the growth in overcoming our flaws. Of course, it’s near to impossible to fully overcome, but what’s life without the

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