Gender Inequality In Today

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People often believe that “Feminism” is just a thing of the past and it is not needed anymore because patriarchal system is no longer subsisting. Women were now given the rights, opportunities, breaks, shots and chances but they still tussle many struggles. As it is maliciously misconstrued as a way to dominate men, it just shows how little people understand the term. It is important to clarify that it is no synonym to female preeminence or domination, instead, it peacefully advocates women’s rights. It is not merely a gender issue but it is a humankind issue. So as people thought that women in countries had fully achieved their goals, they are all considerately wrong.
Some of the major gender inequality issues facing women of today are: First
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A study published in the Journal Science persists to support the idea that gender inequality exists in academia. According to researchers from the University of Illinois and in Princeton University, women are underrepresented in academic fields, such as the sciences, humanities, social sciences, and math, because of stereotypes. The idea is that women’s intellectual abilities and adeptness are inferior to those of men. Prior to the issue, literacy rates among young Afghan women are disturbingly low: only 18 percent of women between 15 and 24 can fully read. While the total number of children enrolled in primary schools is increasing gigantically, the percentage of female students is deliberately not. Likewise, the higher in terms of faculty rank, prestige, salary, and status, the fewer are the women. This gap in educational attainment becomes particularly maddening when you consider numerous researches that have been made which exhibit that educating girls is a key factor in terminating poverty and aiming for…show more content…
For the same case, screenwriter John Whedon recount when asked why he writes such resilient female images and characters, “Because you are still asking me the same question.” So in wide conclusion, Feminism is not (and will never be) about female superiority or taking away the rights of men. It is all about EQUALITY. It is not just about voting rights or getting jobs. It is about the way women are cared and treated in everyday life. When GENDER itself is no longer an affliction to someone 's ability to do, then feminism will no longer be needed. And in an idyllic world, women will be treated as humans and definitely not sex objects, and they would not have to fight for their rights like what feminists do now. But until society actually reaches such that point, feminism is very much pertinent and important (Custodio,
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