Gender Inequality In Today's Modern Society

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In today’s modern society we deal with many problems, our society struggles to cope with difficulties even as solutions are not hard to find. There is one problem, however, that our society has been dealing with for some time. Gender inequality has been a long battle on controversial gender roles society sets for men and women. Has this issue persisted due to biological makeup or is it how culture and society deems gender roles? For a long time, religion is one of the factors has set the limitation on the roles each gender must assume just as much as how we choose to continue customs from patriarchal times. Gender has numerous different aspects such as biological and gender roles each of which become key factors into different social problems. A society where gender roles have a strong contributing factor to important daily decisions being made either at an education level or at the workplace gender inequality will continue to persist. Contributors such as biological conditions, institutionalization and employment constructs continue to fuel gender inequality in what we see today as modern society. Distinctions between women and men have been made by biological conditions, it is an inescapable consideration. Even as our biological markers decide our height or frame shape, masculinity and femininity are constructs created by society. The physiological distinction between male and female shows the gender membership roles expected in society, just as it was illustrated with

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