Gender Inequality In Women's Sports

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Is sport related inequality because female athletes don’t have what it takes to make it in sports? “‘At the end of the day, we expect to be treated equally as our male counterparts;...”’ (, The Players Tribune). Women’s athletics haven’t been treated well since women had a say in what they wanted to do. All men’s and women’s sports should be equally important, equally safe in protective gear, and most importantly should be equally fun and satisfying. Women athletics should be treated with more respect than what they are getting. Most of the U.S. women 's world cup soccer games, the toughest games of the season, were played on the turf which is fake grass that hurts when going in for a slide tackle and other injuries. But on…show more content…
How can someone get payed less for the same job just because of what they look like and what gender they are? More athletic women should speak up and get equal pay and treatment with the rest of the athletes per compensation game. “‘We continue to be told we should be grateful just to have the opportunity to play professional soccer, to get paid for doing it,’ Solo said” (Alex Reed, Sadly this is happening all around the whole world in jobs, sports, trade, and education. Some of the U.S. Olympic women like Carli Lloyd, Becky Sauerbrunn, Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Hope Solo and others have protested to get payed more for their success. “The women’s team generated $20 million more than the U.S. men’s team last year, but the women were paid four times less than the men, according to USSF’s 2015 financial report” (Alex Reed is an editorial intern at TakePart, And some of the women 's olympic sports like the U.S. soccer, Tennis, Horse Racing, and Horse Racing ( tried to get payed more for their successful sports, by getting more money for each game. Nearly all women sports have been payed less than half of the men 's profit of pay per game of the exact sport. “In 2014, male surfers won more than double the prize money women earned, making $525,000 compared with $262,500 for female surfers” (Nicole Mormann, 3 Ways Women in Sports Are Going to Bat for Equal Pay). Women and men athletes should be
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