Gender Inequality Of Women In Azerbaijan

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Murad Gurbanov
Instructor: Vusal Mammadrzayev
Assignment: Research Proposal Data
Lack of the participation or gender inequality of women in policy
Azerbaijan has a lot of scientific areas, most of which have gender equality and equal diversity in different sciences. There is one scientific area that does not grab attention of women and gender diversity draw the attention. While people are satisfied with policy conducted by continuous government of Azerbaijan, most of the women have complaints and require the political quality in Azerbaijan to be improved. Since policy is one of the essential science to be learnt to people, the quality of policy of country should be improved and maintained
Research Objectives
The goal
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In spite of the fact that different scholars (Desposato and Norrander, 2009; Inglehart and Norris, 2003; Meyer et al, 1997) have emphasized the importance of the gender inequality in political field of other countries, little attention has been paid to recover or overcome this obstacle for long term.
Mayan Jaffe (2015) has concentrated on inequality of gender among females in Azerbaijan and the author has additionally highlighted the societal position of females in some region of Azerbaijan that are considered to be the mainstream reasons of lack of the participation of women in policy. The significant assertion of the author is the personal capacity and physical beauty of women decide a greater status of females in the political arena and community with these females that are troubled, physically and mental disable, ignorant and youthful.As a result, the number of female members in Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan was 12% in 2005. After five years, there was achievement of the level of 17% in 2010, now this percentage has reached to 35,6%. The paper recommended importance of critical need to enhance female's participation for the education levels, interest in political arena by organizing female associations in the different areas of
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The paper emphasizes several essential reasons for gender discrimination against females such as patriarchy or domination of men, ignorance of females at political field, lack of opportunities for job, less government spending for female representation in politics. It is observed that a thorough political consideration or concern such as institutional and program levels should assist to increase the political participation of women that would be achievement in decreasing of gender discrimination exists in political arena. In any case, females face frequently inequalities at home, working, and generally in

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