Research Paper On Gender Inequality

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Gender inequality is remaining a barrier for human development. Gender inequality means unfair or different treatments due to their gender in term of education, personal autonomy and more. Women may suffer from discrimination and violence due to gender inequality that include restricted access to educational, employment opportunities and increased exposure to sexual harassment. Why does this phenomenon happen and what cause this to happen? Most of the traditional culture that exacerbate favoritism towards men. Some women are paid less than men even doing the same job or get the same job designation. Does gender inequality affect the economic development? It is always a big argument in society especially working place that put women into unpleasant situation. However, the gender inequality is differs from one place to other place.

Firstly, one of the causes of gender inequality is culture and traditional mindset. Culture can simply be defined as the beliefs and practices of a society; it is linked with tradition or religion. Culture shapes one’s
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Understanding the importance of youth empowerment where more attention will be paid in empowering most female gender will curb the issue of female gender inequality. Government should understand the importance of training and development for female which then give them a chance for proper development and hence reduces female gender inequality. Selfish politicians who are occupying political posts in some countries do not think of this because they look down on women and do not want to see them as part of decision makers in Government Houses. Women lack of enough empowerment in some parts of the world. Gender inequality will lead to violation of rights, sexual violence. This problem can be addressed by empowering women, educating them, government taking specific policies in favor of balancing the

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