Gender Inequality Theory

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Gender inequality is a societal issue that has prevailed in our societies throughout the history of mankind. As societies were developed the roles and functions of the population were established. The male population became the providers and the females were seen as caregivers. With these roles came privileges, males were allowed all liberties and females were seen as properties, their thoughts or opinions were ridiculed and seen as meaningless and of no intellectual value. As the century’s passed the males became more powerful in their roles while the female population remained marginalized with change being achieved at a very slow rate. In today’s society females have empowered themselves and have shifted away from the traditional gender…show more content…
They tend to be less paid than men. They are more likely to have part time jobs or occupy the jobs with low status. These inequities are explained in the labor market as stemming from the woman’s role in the family. Sociologist Talcott Parson argued that women are naturally suited to the expressive role of children, whereas men are suited for the instrumental role of competing in the labor market. This implied that women will give up or interrupt their careers in order to care for their children. The human capital theory also suggest that women’s lack of commitment to paid jobs is the cause of the disadvantage they suffer ,this theory suggest that females choose to take part time jobs so as to combine work and raising children. Anne Witt argues however that even when women work continuously in their careers they are still paid…show more content…
Many business owners have a negative view towards hiring female personnel so as to avoid pay maternity benefits or having to give maternity leave. In Belize females who work in the private sector face these inequities when seeking employment opportunities. The gender factor plays a significant role many business prefer to hire males for the positions and sometimes gender is specified in the requirements. Many females in Belize have to settle for low paying jobs due to the lack of equal job opportunities. These jobs are most times include waitressing, and housecleaning.
When it comes to power and politics we can vividly see gender inequity towards females. Most of the countries around the world are mostly see males. Females have little power or contributions in this realm. There are only a handful of countries that have elected females as there presidents. In Belize this year general election, was the first time in our history that various females were area representative for the political parties. If we take a look at our political history Mrs. Dolores Valderamos Garcia was the only female in politics to win her electoral
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