Gender Influence

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Gender of children has been found to have an effect on their choice of influence strategy. The following reviews explore the dimensions of the gender based differences which may have an influence in family decision making.
McNeal and Yeh, (2003) found that boys are seen to be further influential for products like video games, entertainment and fun items, whereas, girls influence high in household items like cloths, bakery items and writing papers.
Manchanda and Moore-Shay (1996) classified influence strategies into three main types as high, low and moderate power strategies. Girls use little power or weak strategies more often than boys do towards their parents Boys have higher influence in pestering than girls. The difference of the gender
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Girls use additional diverse influential styles like reasoning, asking and persuading than boys and persuade their parents to purchase and thus tend to be more influential than boys. Children especially boys in the age group of 14 - 16 years have higher influence than the girls in the similar age group. Moreover this influence increase when parents are professionally further involved than otherwise. Children today have a more significant place in the society than their parents ever had. They not only are consumers but have a great influence may be direct or indirect influence in the family buying decisions. The influencer role does children exhibit over buying decisions in family along with the nagging effect that they have on their parents is increasing day by day. Age has an vital role to play in family purchase decision. The most influential age group of children as per the study conducted has been recognized as 14 - 16 years.
P Tansuhaj, E Foxman (1996) examined the effect of family gender roles on perceptions. Perceptions of teenager's influence were seen to differ considerably by country and by gender role category. A similar pattern of teenagers' general influence emerged across these diverse societies, while product-specific influence was wide-ranging between countries. Managerial implications on communication strategies are given
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Tweens are now much more strongly targeted by marketers and businesses than were the previous generation; girls predominantly are targeted more than boys. In a fashion context, tween girls are intensifying their influence and their consumer power in the market. Tween fashion retailers have been rising and developing recently in response to the market's interest and demand for tween fashion. The tween girls' fashion consumption has a feasibility and is seen a major developing marketing phenomenon one that is predicted to expand. More development will be noteworthy in providing age-appropriate clothing range for the market. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to examine the market
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