Gender Influence In Society

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In any societies, there is the stratification by sex, that is, they differentiate whether somebody is a female or a male. Sex is the biological aspect of someone, whether that person was born as a boy or a girl. It depends on the reproductive system. If we consider the biological explanation, then it would be the xx chromosome or xy chromosome, whereas gender is the fashion where society highlights the sexual differences amongst men and women.

From the moment we are born, our lives are shaped by our biological identity that is sex, which later on, is influenced by an unlimited number of social, cultural, environment and psychological forces. Even when we reach adulthood, these forces are still prevalent. Very often without awareness, the behaviours have been strongly influenced by gender role expectations of a culture. By the time we reached adolescence our concept of gender identity and sexual orientation is entrenched. The social roles and behaviours associated with both sex are due to their cultural awareness and the way they are brought up. Thus one can claim that gender is nurtured by social and cultural factors whereas sex is a biological characteristic.

All features of human behaviour are affected by both nature and nurture operating together. Nature refers to the evolutionary factors that shaped the genetics that we have inherited from our patients and ancestors. Nurture refers to all things that influenced us since we began to develop. Nature

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