Gender Influences In Alice Johnson's Life

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Alice Johnson was born and raised in Boston, she was born on June 14th 1800. Her mother died at her birth she was raised by her two older sister and father who worked in the trading business, both of her sisters were school teachers. Alice was very well educated at home. She began writing poetry at the age of 13, reaching her early 20s, she used poetry to speak out against the inequality of Men and Women. Alice lived in a house in a suburban area, new railroads were being built just a mile away. She became a doctor’s assistance to a family friend and ended up marrying a doctor. At the age of 21 she had three children. Her Gender impacted her life because she wanted to be a doctor like her husband and go to a medical school, but could not because…show more content…
Margaret was raised by her father and three sisters on a small farm that was close to the city. Her older sister, Elizabeth was a part of the organization of free women. Growing up she was inspired to be just like her sister Elizabeth. By 1840 Margaret followed her sister's footsteps and become ahead of the organizations after she got married and moved into the city of Georgia, because her husband worked as a lawyer. In her early teens she noticed that white men ruled the southern lifestyle and plantations on the farms of Georgia as well as unfair treatment of women who could not provide for themselves. She then decided to open a charity that was included in her organization in her mid 20s in which aided women who were indeed. Margaret’s husband was slowly becoming supportive of his wife's actions and soon helped her publish and promote her organization on the newspaper grabbing attention of those who were unaware of the injustice and inequality that women had to face living on both the countryside and the city. In her articles she proved men wrong, and anyone else that went against her ideas. Margaret was a natural independent women who inspired many to do the same and to follow her footsteps of pursuing
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