Maccoby Research Paper

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According to the “Gender and Group Process: A Developmental Perspective” by Maccoby who illustrates that sex typing, socialization pressure, and same-sex groups that mediate and influences on our gender development as we grow up. Sex typing obtains sex distinctive characteristics such as various of behaviors, interests, personality traits, and cognitive biases in which to identify the person is becoming more/less masculine/feminine. Also, socialization pressures from parents tend to shape the child gender identity toward their biological sex by giving the toys and activity preferences, acknowledge the gender stereotypes, and their personality traits. Social psychologists claim that same-sex groups and group size are matters which can describe…show more content…
The formation of the girl friendships become more intimate because the share of information of their lives and concerns, but boy are less because their friendships are more based on shared activities. In Nicolopoulou (1994) study of the gendered subcultures, and concludes, “At the beginning of the year, children might call upon others of both sexes to act in their stories, but by the end of the year, they almost exclusively called upon children of their own sex to enact the roles in their stories.” She claims that same-sex friends can influence one another due to the amount of time they spent playing with other children with their own sex. Sexual double standard refers to the perceptions the way of men and women acts are being judged differently in order to evaluate women and men differently for similar behaviors which double standard appears to fit in the social norms in today society. The article talks about “boys who could accumulate ‘ratings’ by possessing and exchanging certain images. Girls in contrast largely discussed the taking or sharing of self-images as a site of potential risk, blame and guilt around sexual reputation (e.g. being called ‘slut’, ‘slag’ or ‘sket’).”
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