Gender Isolation In Othello

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Gender is a common thread that is woven through most major Shakespearean plays. An argument that follows the story lines of works such as Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and a more dominant role in Othello. Written in 1603, Othello examines the contrast between female and male characters, and where their place is in society. As this was written in a time where women were seen as the lesser sex compared to their male counterparts. Males take on more power hungry roles, drowning out the roles of females by minimizing their thoughts and actions. Othello, a man with military power as well as the other male roles such as Iago, Roderigo, Cassio and Brabantio who also hold roles with power and dominance over the female characters. This ultimately leads …show more content…

Not only does Iago contribute to the isolated Desdemona, her maid Emilia does as well. It can be argued that Emilia knew Desdemona so deeply in contrast to the other characters that the two shared a deeper bond past conversation, this is important to note as Emilia eventually proves the isolation of Desdemona, that even her most trusted friend befalls to the lies that are being told by Iago. Desdemona’s isolation slowly grows throughout the play due to the actions of others and the actions of Desdemona as well. Othello isolated himself from Desdemona, the act of this isolation had been thought out by Iago. This is seen when Iago and Othello discuss the relationship of Desdemona and Cassio, “Did Michael Cassio, when you wooed my lady, Know of your love?” (Shakespeare 3.3.103). Othello responds with a sense of curiosity towards the topic of Cassio and Desdemona, this is the first sense of isolation that is hinted towards as now the topic of something Othello is not even aware of about his wife is introduced by Iago. The wedge that is put in place by Iago between Othello and Desdemona can be transferred into the idea that “Othello is that of the responsibility for Desdemona's death” (Vanita 342). The fact that Othello is a factor in isolating Desdemona, is because he now has the idea that Desdemona is unfaithful to …show more content…

Emilia knows that Othello believes that Desdemona has cheated on him with Cassio, but the interesting factor is that Emilia knows that is not true as she arguably knows Desdemona the most out of all the characters. Desdemona's isolation prior to her death is “ attributable to the onlookers' nonintervention” (Vanita 343). Emilia was aware of the abuse that Othello put upon Desdemona even though she knew the accusations against her were false “For if she be not honest, chaste and true,/ There’s no man happy; the purest of their wives/ Is foul slander” (Shakespeare 4.2.18-20) but still leaves Desdemona in isolation with Othello, even though she was aware of what he believed. When Othello confronts Desdemona with the claims of cheating Othello commands Emilia to “Leave Procreants alone and shut the door;/ Cough or cry “hem”

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