Gender Issues In Agriculture

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Gender issues in agriculture: An overview
Sakamma, S1. and Umesh, K.B2
Women play a significant role in agriculture as well as in allied fields. Female land holdings account for only 10.5 per cent of total land holdings as against male land holdings (89.5 %). Out of the total female land holdings, 75 per cent accounts for marginal, small and medium land holdings. Women agricultural workers, although they represent a big proportion of all women workers, continue to receive lower wages than men. In India, about 76.6 per cent of the entire female workforce is engaged in agricultural operations, and only 54.6 per cent of the entire male workforce is engaged in agricultural operations. Women play a significant and diverse role in agriculture and contribute to agriculture more than men. Though women agricultural workers account for 39.2 per cent in India their overall empowerment status is low.
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Women play very important role in agriculture and allied fields. Swaminathan, the famous agricultural scientist describes that it was woman who first domesticated crop plants and thereby initiated the art and science of farming. The extent of women’s participation in agriculture, varies from one region to other. Women comprise 43 per cent of the agricultural labour force in developing countries; this figure ranges from around 20 per cent in Latin America to 50 per cent in parts of Africa and Asia, and exceeds 60 per cent

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