Gender Issues In Miss Representation

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The media affects the way people both think and act. It is both the message and the messenger that women are less than men. Both women and men have been divided into separate groups, with men given more power. The documentary, Miss Representation, brings attention to how women are almost forced to torment themselves to achieve an ideal look since the media gives the message that a woman’s entire worth is purely based on how they look. The documentary Miss Representation highlights that the gap that has been placed on both males and females has now been greater than ever and that if this problem is not fixed, it will cause many future problems. The subtle degradation of women has even affected politics and how the country is run. When democracy was first founded in Greece, the democratic process excluded women. Now, centuries later in Congress, there is still a significant gap…show more content…
Children are taught about gender roles from a very early age. People, especially girls, experience a very deep gender bias starting from a very young age. Males are supposed to be aggressive while females are expected to be nurturing. For example, while going shopping in the children’s section, each item can either be classified for boys or girls. Barbie dolls and dresses are for girls while toy guns and cars are for boys. The color pink and anything that seems “girly” is things girls receive as presents, and the color blue and anything that has to do with superheroes and fighting are things boys receive as gifts. Starting from when these children are very young, they start to believe that they have to enjoy a particular hobby or otherwise they are different or weird. In a modern day high school setting, if a high school male is seen to like the color pink or enjoys shopping, he is teased and called “gay.” Gender roles develop from when people are very young, and they continue to shape people as they grow
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